A town, nestled under the outskirts of the Alps, Bled is surrounded by hills that border on Lake Bled (along with its island and church) in the middle. The cliff, housing the oldest (by mention) castle in Slovenia on top, makes the town's appearance even more enchantin. Slovenia's greatest poet, France Prešeren, wrote in his epic poem "the baptism of Savica" (way back in 1835) that "There is no other place in Carniola more beautiful than this one with its surroundings, a piece of paradise". Bled's natural wonders led Arnold Rikli, a Swiss natural healer, to start medical tourism here in the year 1855. His alternative healing methods were based on a healthy vegeterian diet, movement, sun and water baths and fresh mountain air. By the end of the 19th century, Bled had become an elite Alpine resort visited by guests from all over Europe, which found here both quiet surroundings in which to relax and a rich cultural and social life.

Its beauty captivating and inspiring many visitors and creative minds, Bled was also visited by many artists. Not far from Bled lies the "Blejski vintgar". This narrow canyon echoes with the tundering of the river Radovna in the bottom. The river, originating high in the mountains, is refreshingly cool even in the hottest months. Visitors can view the vintgar gorge along wooden walkways and bridges hanging from the steep cliff faces. Only a few kilometers outside Bled lies the city of Radovljica, featuring a beautiful old city center and a beekeeping museum. Sport and adrenalin junkies will also find their place in Bled, with options of mountain climbing, rafting, canyoning, cycling, climbing or cave exploring all in easy reach. For a more relaxing getaway, the many surrounding forests offer countless possibilities for strolls which will leave your body full of fresh air and positive thoughts, and your basket full of mushrooms and healing herbs.