Lindy Hop

Probably the most popular of the swing dances, The Lindy Hop (also known as jitterbug) is a dynamic and playful dance enjoyed all over the world. The dance took its name from Charles Lindbergh’s first trans-Atlantic flight, after which the newspaper headlines read “Lindy hops the Atlantic”. It enjoyed huge mainstream popularity in the 1930s and in the “swing revival” era that luckily just keeps going. Lindy hop is danced to 8-count swing jazz music and is (just like the tunes themselves) full of energy and improvisation, which makes every dance and dancer unique. The real magic of lindy stems from a good communication between the dancers which makes it both very enjoyable to dance and wonderful to look at.

No matter if you are total beginners or old dancefloor cats, our wonderful Lindy hop teachers will without a doubt make the workshops fun and educational!


Acroyoga will help us add a further level of excitement to the festival. The team of Acromantix (Sanja and Rok) will guide you through the introduction to this partnered activity. During the workshops, you will familiarise yoursef with the basic elements of acroyoga which is based on trust, balance, cooperation and surrender.

Hike to Osojnica

Osojnica (loosely translates into "shadow hill") is a small hill rising a little less than 200 metres above lake Bled to an elevation of 691. The path to it, though simple and short, is quite attractive and features a steep staircase. The real reason for our visit, however, will be revealed on the top of the hill. Osojnica is probably the most popular spot for any photographer visiting Bled, and its easy to see why. The very top of the hill is cleared of trees and offers a spectacular view of the entire lake, along with the island and the castle and Straža hills and the towering Karavanke mountains in the background.

Wear some comfortable hiking or sport shoes (ballroom shoes might not be the best fit here) and join us for the hike. Getting from the lake to the top shouldnt take much more than 30 minutes!

Click here for more images of Osojnica (the page is in Slovenian, but the images are international)

Walk through Vintgar gorge

The 1,6 kilometers (1 mile) long Vintgar gorge sits between the majestic vertical walls of the Hom and Boršt hills and is adorned by the river Radovna, along with waterfalls, clear pools and rapids. An educational trail over wooden bridges and Žumr's galleris leads through the gorge and ends ith a majestic 13m Šum waterfall.

The simple walk through the shadowy gorge which, due to the loud, foamy and cold Radovna, maintains a pleasant temperature even in the heat of summer, will be a great chance to meet other dancers and to relax and warm up for the wild festival weekend.