Pavlina Grombirikova

Pavli has been dancing since she was a little girl and has tried many different dance styles. From ballet, ballroom dances, contemporary to hip hop… But she was always missing something. Of course - only until she found Lindy Hop! Pavli found Lindy on YouTube in 2009. When she came to her first international event to see what it looks like in modern world, she immediately fell for it and got a dream of having a swing dance community back in her hometown. She kept travelling, learning, searching for inspiration and for the right people to join her dream. Since then she and her team have made hundreds of people discover the joy of swing dancing in Brno, Czech Republic.

She left her regular job and now she leads the biggest swing dance school in the country with vibrant community around it. Pavli started to teach internationally in 2014, more intensively from 2015 when she won golden medal at ESDC for Open All Swing Showcase. Her passion and strong, positive personality is what you can see when she dances - in her feminine, elegant style spiced up with rocking swivels!