Rok Bohinc

Rok has discovered Lindy Hop in 2006 and has ever since been faithful to his first dancing love. He has competed in several international festivals winning both Jack&Jill and strictly at LSSF 2012, Herrang's Competition and Show strictly 2012, and Jack&Jill at Atlantic Swing festival 2013. Moreover, he is the founder of a semi-professional dance group Retronom, which is impressing with creative performances regularly at Slovenian local festivals, but has also won a group-battle competition abroad at Swing Crash 2015. Since 2015, Rok is residing in Zürich, Switzerland, where he is teaching regularly at a local swing-dancing school Downtownswing.

While the emphasis in Rok's dancing is definitely on technique, the transferred material in his classes is comprised of moves and figures feasible to perform on the social dance floor. Rok's classes are meant to challenge the students in order for them to master the social-technical skills and advance as lindy hop dancers.